Havugimana is a father of 7 lives in Cyamabuye village, Gahanga sector in Kirehe district. With change of mindset, the self styled farmer decided engage in serious coffee production after the 

establishment of Unguka Muhinzi coffee station in the area with which he has been working for over three It took him long to make such a brilliant decision and this made him start later than other coffee farmers in the village. However, he says he has picked up very fast and regrets the time he wasted growing other crops other than coffee. “I would have been one of richest coffee farmers in the district had it not been for my ignorance about coffee and its

returns,” he regrets. He
adds that those people
that started before him
and are working with
Hunguka Muhinzi are
doing very well. From
his story, Havugimana,
with the rate that he
is developing out of
coffee farming, is a
promising farmer that
will having nothing to
regret for choosing coffee
production while working
together with Unguka
Muhinzi coffee company

Today Havugimana has 15,500 fully grown coffee trees that he harvests and another 3000 of young trees grown on 8 hectares of land. his progressive growth record 250 Kgms in 2015, 1.5 tons in 2016 and today he records 2 tons and 71 Kgms. He still invest in buying more land to expand his farming activities. “By the time I had my first harvest, I lived deep in the most remote part of the village. Today from the first harvests, I have managed to build a modern house and apparently living around the trading center with my family,” Havigimana says. 

In addition, much as his family is seemingly large  he says that he is able to look after them very well without any difficulty from the money he gets from the coffee produce that he supplies to Unguka Muhinzi coffee station.  “I don’t at any one time feel any burden of the large family,” he says. “I can pay school fees for the schooling children and also meet other needs like food, and medical insurance for the entire family,” he adds. Havugimana hopes to buy a motorcycle to help him in his movements during the next harvest and also a car in the near future. Havugimana’s advice to Rwandans is none other than trying coffee production. He feels a lot of pity for people that own very large pieces of land and are not grabbing the opportunity of the good prices of coffee today. 

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