Unguka Muhinzi Coffee Company grows and produce coffee in Kirehe district of the Eastern Province of the land known to be one of a “thousand hills”. The company that was created in 2012, is a coffee processing firm whose main objective is to upgrade the quality of the coffee produced in district, improve the livelihood of coffee farmers through providing market for their produce and jobs for residents.

The company works with a total of 1973 farmers, employs  women and men in different activities atWashing station like sorting damaged coffee, pulping, washing and drying

We work directly with small-scale farmers in their cooperatives, mainly Cooperative Korera Kawa and
KOAKAKI-Kigarama to source high quality green specialty coffee. “Our business is built on long-term relationships with farmers that focus on improving their communities, their families, and their environment


Cooperative korera kawa

The Cooperative got chance to work with Unguka Muhinzi
coffee factory since 2012 and is now doing so well. The cooperative has come a
long way and truly there is a lot for them to be proud of.

Members do not simply just benefit as owners of the
cooperative. They have a distinctive identity that is exclusive and have a sole
individuality different from any other farmer in the region. This unique and
positive living for the cooperative members is attributed to the fact that
objectively, the cooperative works towards, and focuses on the interest of its
members, in other words benefiting its members and their families.

From the revenues got from coffee, members have been able to
realize increased incomes. They have also been able to construct better houses
at their homes and are able to fully facilitate their families including
providing education at all levels and provide health insurance (Mituel de

The cooperative helps members to educate their children,
providing small loans to individual members that may be in need to pay school
fees plus any other scholastic materials.

For every development made to any agricultural product in
this country, quality is the number one prerequisite. Cooperative Korera Kawa
has been very significant and has played a big role in sensitizing coffee
farmers in the area to produce beans of good quality. “We as a cooperative
member encourage to employ best practices in production including better
methods of farming and provision of farm inputs especially manure”

Farmers are able to grow coffee that meets both local and
international standards. “I have evidence that the coffee beans produced by
farmers of cooperative Korera Kawa is favored by consumers throughout the
country and will be able to hit the market in the entire East African region in
the near future

Cooperative KOAKAKI

Cooperative KOAKAKI brings together coffee farmers in
Kigarama sector of Kirehe district in the Eastern Province of Rwanda. The
cooperative was established in March 2011, originally as an association of about
328 farmers that  increased day per day, with
an objective to increase the capacity of coffee farmers and also improve the
quality and quality of coffee produced by the farmers of Kirehe district,
Kigarama in particular.


The local community is a very valuable asset to us and our
business. Not only, in the sense of the services providing but the share holders and partners of our mission. Whatever we plan to do, we first think of them for the sustainability of our business. Thus, this constitutes our driving motivation to find out everything which will be impact to them

Respecting human rights

Our business runs in harmony with the community
We are committed to bring impact to the local community and make faces of poor
families smile as we do our coffee business

Respecting human rights via RA, Utz and FT certifications
We believe in achieving the requirements of ILO convention
regarding respecting human rights. That’s why we have invested in the above
mentioned certifications

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