Who we are

A coffee organization that brings together coffee farmers. With an objective of producing a wide range of speciality coffees, based on the principles of quality, sustainability and traceability.

We are originated from KIREHE, Eastern province of Rwanda. Our coffee farms located  in the fertile farms that located along side Akagera river, cross border with Tanzania

Coffee we produce

Unguka Muhinzi has been working directly with small-scale farmers in their cooperatives, to produce fully washed, natural coffee

Our climate and altitude allow the predominant variety coffee cherries to mature slowly, giving a good sized bean that is rich in flavor and aroma with good acidity and body. Coffee produce 

We take care

Coffee takes 2 to 4 years after planting to start producing and bears fruit only once an year. However, poor processing may jeopardize a year’s work in matter of hours! Drying is probably the processing phase where most losses are incurred if not properly perfumed followed perhaps by pulping, if used, and hulling. This Unguka Muhinzi takes care

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Our mission

Unguka Muhinzi mission is to support coffee producers by providing market access to make coffee production a sustaining income, generating activity for them, to eradicate poverty in there homes and allow them to contribute to national development.

Unguka Muhinzi, a company started with 2 members in Gahara Sector, Kirehe District. There include Jeremie Iyakaremye , the current Managing Director and his co-founder Jean Dusengimana co-founder. With the objective of joining capacity to help coffee farmers through promoting the quality and value of coffee and improve the life of coffee farmers

On top of beginning, on a very small piece of land and with little fund, we faced a lot of challenges however, we did not gave up because we knew what our goal were and we strong cause for both ourselves and our county

The challenge that we faced and that really gave us the impetus to associate in order to processing our coffee was the dilemma of making money for middleman and other processors. It’s absurd that these coffee dealers benefit from the crop more than farmers, that we simply were in the beginning, yet serving as the biggest stakeholders in the coffee value chain

Today is far different. There is great improvement in the coffee sector. Both the government and Rwandan coffee farmers have put in a lot of effort. Coffee agencies and participant at different level have come up with open dialogues to the challenges and fewer opportunities facing the coffee industry, giving yet another opportunity for Rwanda farmers and processors involved in this business to promote coffee We are no longer just coffee farmers, but olso we have gone into further steps of winning consumers’ taste with our specialty coffee that was ranked with 87% of cupping scores in the recent years and we are doing serious trade in the product
Jeremie Iyakaremye

We produce coffee that suits consumer’s need meaning that our coffee is one of the best choice”

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